About CDSC

The Central Depository & Settlement Corporation Limited (CDSC) is a limited liability Company approved by the Capital Markets Authority to provide automated clearing, delivery and settlement facilities in respect of transactions carried out at Nairobi Securities Exchange as well as holding of listed and non listed securities including other documents of title on behalf of investors.


A leading provider of innovative solutions for custody, clearing and settlement services.


To provide secure, efficient custody, clearing, settlement and related services to all stakeholders by leveraging on technology and service excellence.


  • Bankability; Transactional trust
  • Integrity; Public reliability
  • Customer centric; Market solutions
  • Professionalism; Competence
  • Confidentiality; Non-disclosure
  • Stewardship; Wise and just use of talent and resources in a collaborative manner

CDSC Products and Service Offering

Depository Services

  • Holding of securities in CDS
  • Movement of securities within CDAs
  • Transfer of securities to beneficiaries or as gifts
  • Investors can use shares to secure loans with lending institutions

Registry Services

Through our subsidiary company CDSCR, we offer;

  • IPO processing and register creation.
  • Administration of AGMs / EGMs
  • Processing of entitlement / dividend payments
  • Register maintenance


  • Settlement of equities, corporate bonds and M-Akiba bonds.

Client Services

  • We send CDS account holders monthly statements via post office, if there is an activity in their account within that month.
  • CDS account holders get statements conveniently via their email address every month. Visit your CDA (Stockbroker or custodian) and update your email address.
  • Visit¬†cdsckenya.com; go to the client portal and follow instructions to view your account