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SMS Alert Services

 SMS Service

In 2008, CDSC embarked on a series of joint investor campaigns with the Capital Markets Authority and the Nairobi Securities Exchange in a bid to ensure that the population seized the multiple investment opportunities. With the growth in investor numbers, CDSC introduced an SMS service which gives investors 24 hour access to their CDS accounts enabling them to keep track of their shares on their mobile phone anywhere and at any time.

 SMS service access

 One can access the SMS service by sending an SMS with the word Register to 22372 and following the instructions thereof to complete the registration.

The SMS service allows you to access your CDS account and keep track of your shares on your mobile phone anywhere and at any time. By registering to the service, you will always be aware of your current shares portfolio and of any transactions in your account. 


  • Secure access to your CDS account from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Receive updates on announcements made by listed companies
  • Easy and simple registration from your mobile phone.
  • Instant alerts on any activity in your CDS account.


  • Receive instant alerts on your mobile phone whenever a transaction occurs in your account (e.g. Purchase, sale, shares transfer, deposit, pledges etc)
  • Check your shares portfolio balance anytime.
  • Receive a mini-statement from your CDS account, showing your last few transactions.

Each SMS costs Kshs. 10, and the service is currently available on Safaricom and Airtel networks.

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Get started
  • Type a text with the following


    e.g. REG*2345*23456789

    CDS Account: Your CDS account number. Exclude the lead zeros and the Client Type (e.g. LI)

    ID: The ID Number or Passport Number or Company Registration number used to open this CDS account.

  • Send text to 22372

    You will receive a confirmation SMS with your ALIAS and PIN. e.g. Your SMS Enquiry PIN for CDS A/c 2345 is 1234. Alias name =KIMA. For Assistance send HELP or contact us. CDSC

    ALIAS: The first four letters of your surname PIN: A system generated four digit number that will be your security code.

    Ensure that you keep your ALIAS and PIN number secret!

    You are now registered to use the service!

  • Checking Portfolio Balance

    To view your Portfolio Balance, simply send the following text to 22372


    e.g. PBKIMA*1234

    You will receive an SMS detailing your shares balances.

  • Mini-Statement

    Send the following text to 22372 to view your Mini-Statement


    e.g. MSKIMA*1234

    You will receive an SMS detailing the last few transactions that occurred in your CDS account.

  • Turn off alerts

    send the following text to 22372


    You will receive an SMS confirming that you will no longer receive alerts.

    To turn on alerts, simply send ALERTS ON to 22372.

  • Changing your PIN

    To change your PIN, simply send the following text to 22372


    e.g. PCKIMA*1234*4321

    ####: Old Pin Number

    $$$$: New Pin Number

  • Get help

    For any assistance, simply send HELP to 22372. You will receive an SMS listing the message types and formats.